Today is the day

Today is the day


So I decided that I want to be more productive in my daily living and the first thing I need to do is discover where my biggest time suck is and here’s what I have discovered.

I waste a whole lot of time playing games (video games online mostly) and to add insult to injury I spend a fair amount of my disposable income doing that as well.  So time suck #1 is video games… cool to play but a HUGE waste of time.

#2 time suck is Face Book, it’s kind of a necessary evil in these days and times in regards to marketing since everyone else seems to be wasting lots of time on social media as well.  Granted there’s some funny stuff on face book but I don’t think it justifies the wasted time.  I’ll continue to be on FB but mainly for my DJ Service and Massage Therapy Studio, might even make a page for my wedding minister service but as far as personal stuff on FB… gonna reduce that drastically.

What will I do with all this extra time?  That is yet to be determined, but I’ll keep you posted.

What’s it gonna be?

We seldom ask ourselves this question.  It is however one of the most import questions we can ask.  I find that most people are on auto pilot, just putting along and doing what they do, day after day without giving it much thought.  I find myself doing this very thing, wake up, get ready for work, go to work, try to laugh and have fun while at work, come home, let the dog out, get on the computer and kill a few hours and then get ready for bed.  Get up the next day and repeat.  Sure there are some variations but nothing major and that is where I find myself today.

It’s easy to kill time, I can find lots of ways to do that, the real question is how do you kill time, have fun and be productive?  That’s the million dollar question!

I also wonder… is having more always a good thing?  Sometimes having more is part of the problem instead of the solution.  This all comes back to ROI.  There’s only so much time, so much money, so much we can accomplish so why waste it?

I believe deep down we all want to be better versions of ourselves and that is what we should strive for, and it’s possible, but first we have to have a plan.  Things go better when you have a plan, no matter what it is you’re doing.  You can seriously make a plan for anything and everything if you want to but somethings just come naturally.  Take procrastination for instance, it really doesn’t take a plan for that now does it?

So here it is, the first question of your day… everyday should be… what do I want to accomplish today?

That’s your assignment for the rest of your days, ask yourself that question every time you wake up… what do I want to accomplish today?

Everything is a trade off


As I sit here typing this I look around and see a cluttered desk, papers stacked every which way, books neatly held up by a lion head book end, and other miscellaneous stuff strewn about.  My room is a mess with clothes tossed here and there, an unmade bed, things stacked on top of one another in front of my open closet doors.  These are things which need to be taken care of sooner than later yet they still sit around the room.  Why?  Why do I allow this mess?  Why don’t I just knock it out, get organized and do better about keeping it that way?  The plain and simple truth is I’m not feeling it.  Motivation comes and goes but mostly it just goes.  You see everything has a cost, everything has value but different people assign different values to “things” whether that thing is being organized, having time to play video games, serving others, job satisfaction, making a difference or just getting high and staring at a wall.

The real question is what is your ROI (return on investment)?  That is the question you must ask yourself, is what I’m doing right now going to give me the most ROI or am I being short sighted and just satisfying my current need/want?  Sometimes that’s all that matters and that’s ok, but overall what will your legacy be?  Will you have had a wonderful life full of fantastic memories and fun or will you be remembered as the person who went to work for 40 years, retired and died.  I’d like to think I would be remembered as the guy who tried to make others feel better when they needed me most.  Smiles, a kind word, maybe even an opportunity to improve their situation to give their life meaning.

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