Today is the day

Today is the day


So I decided that I want to be more productive in my daily living and the first thing I need to do is discover where my biggest time suck is and here’s what I have discovered.

I waste a whole lot of time playing games (video games online mostly) and to add insult to injury I spend a fair amount of my disposable income doing that as well.  So time suck #1 is video games… cool to play but a HUGE waste of time.

#2 time suck is Face Book, it’s kind of a necessary evil in these days and times in regards to marketing since everyone else seems to be wasting lots of time on social media as well.  Granted there’s some funny stuff on face book but I don’t think it justifies the wasted time.  I’ll continue to be on FB but mainly for my DJ Service and Massage Therapy Studio, might even make a page for my wedding minister service but as far as personal stuff on FB… gonna reduce that drastically.

What will I do with all this extra time?  That is yet to be determined, but I’ll keep you posted.

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